Government Covid Guidelines 19th July 2021 – Step 4

Government Covid Guidelines                 19th July 2021 – Step 4

This guidance sets out the government’s advice to support safe visiting.

No limit on the number of ‘named visitors’, pre-arranged visiting still in place.

Physical contact still be kept to a minimum, however handholding is acceptable if hand washing protocols are followed.Outdoor pod still available if required.

Lateral Flow Tests (Covid Tests) still required, proof to be brought at the time of visit, or arrangements can be made to carry out a test at the home on the day of the visit.

Due to the nature of the settings and vulnerability of the population, use of PPE and infection prevention and control measures should continue to be practised. We would therefore ask that face masks be worn when visiting inside the home.

Please click the government link below for further guidance.


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“Thank you for taking our Uncle Joe to Stuart’s funeral. Stuart’s family really appreciated it”.

Val and Joe October 5, 2015